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domain protection and monitoring system


Domain Monitoring is the only low cost high value, automated, white labeled system of domain protection and brand monitoring services currently on the market.
It is a great way to upsell additional services to your customer base like email services, SSL, hosting and SEO.

| what does it offer

From one domain name, called “original” there are several “candidate” domains that are relevant among gTLDs, ccTLDs and nTLDs.
Domain Monitoring encourages upsell across multiple products.
It is a great way to upsell additional services to your customer base like email services, SSL, hosting and SEO.
By implementing different “call to action” inside the reports there’s a direct and easy way to increase orders.


The current Hosting and Domain market is saturated and margins decrease as competition grows. As a Hosting company or registrar it is essential must offer more services to both increase your revenue and to differentiate from competition. Making the decision to offer Domain Monitoring increases ARPU by upselling cross selling continually. Domain Monitoring helps you to continue to promote the core service of domain registration with calls to action within the reports.

| benefits

Every business no matter what size believes their brand is important and it is a natural desire to protect it.
Domain Monitoring is a service that promotes awareness and education about every aspect of their domain, including a website health check and additional services monitoring. Its essential to monitor these aspects to have a healthy online presence.
The ability to increase average revenue per user by offering a low cost subscription service that can appeal to any customer.

As a business in the web hosting industry it is vital to find new ways to monetise your customer base to counter margins depleting in a saturated marketplace.

The benefit of being able to upsell more domains to customers through Domain Monitoring monitoring Emphasising, related nTLD’s, cctld’s and gTLD’s, to maximise the opportunity.

With a lower price point its possible to reach a wide market or an entire customer base. This in turn makes it possible to generate a larger volume of domain sales, due the subsequent upsell opportunities. 

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